The Tequila Sundance Band features many iconic Tenor Saxophone signature sax lines featuring many famous intros ( Careless Whisper for example)  and many more including unforgettable original Tenor Saxophone solos from all of your very favorite retro 60s-70s-80s-90s classic rock, pop-disco and adult contemporary Music. Please view the first ten (10) tunes on our “Song List Tab” of unforgettable Iconic Tenor Saxophone Hits. Unforgettable hit tunes like “Careless Whisper,” “Rio,” “Its only rock & Roll to me”, “You maybe right” (Billy Joel) and “Who can it be now,”  All with iconic Tenor Sax signature lines and featuring breath taking original solos. If you have a request we will make every attempt to honor your request and are very open to what you would like to hear at your party/event/venue? The band can cover virtually all of your request! Our book is always updated and rewarding for your dancing-listening pleasure. Let us make your party a success! We also feature some exciting arrangements (Evil Ways-Never can say good-bye and Black magic woman)for your dancing and listening enjoyment. There are many ensembles to chose from. The band featured in the video at the “Whiskey ago-ago’ is  a sextet. However sometimes a Guitarist will replace the Pianist and there are times when there is no percussionist just a trap set. Whatever sound your looking for we can adjust for you for your event/venue. A nice sound and our smallest band is a quartet ( guitar-bass-sax-drums) . Whether you are planning a corporate event, community function, or that very special Wedding Day, The Tequila Sundance Band has everything you are looking for Musically. Contact: James


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